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Julia Coronado

US Economics

Julia is founder and principal of Macro Policy Perspectives (MPP), an independent US economics research firm based in New York. Julia is an economist with extensive experience in both policy making and financial markets. She has a PhD in Economics from the University of Texas and more than a decade of experience as a financial market economist serving as Chief Economist for Graham Capital Management and BNP Paribas, a Senior Economist at Barclays Capital and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington D.C where she regularly briefed the Board, contributed to the FOMC forecasts and represented the Federal Reserve at meetings of the OECD’s Committee on Financial Markets.

Julia has published a number of scholarly articles and currently serves on the Economic Advisory Panel at the New York Federal Reserve and at the Pension Research Council at the Wharton School. Julia and her team leverage the expertise of former senior officials at the Federal Reserve and Treasury who know how policy decisions are made and communicated.

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